PSN Hacked Again?

The Twitter feed for YourAnonNews just alerted everybody to a PasteBin dump that claims to have hacked the PSN. The guy behind it says that he’s not on Twitter, Facebook or IRC. I’ve never heard of an Anonymous member not on IRC, but let’s indulge him for now.

Here’s the statement from the alleged hacker on PasteBin:

Think outside the box.

I am a man with no name, I’m the man behind Anonymous, hence “master & card visa takedown in 2010”

FBI, will you seize the innocent doors,or a devil behind that door whos staring right at’cha?

I got no twitter,facebook, neither I go in IRC.. if someone takes credit for this pwnage, he’s a faggot.

What’s the target?…It’s SONY, MOTHERF*CKER.

The hacker claims to have the entire PSN database of 10 million accounts. What’s strange is that there were over 70 million accounts compromised in last year’s attack. Regardless, he says that the entire thing is sized at 50 GB and is willing to give it to anybody who emails him.

The PasteBin dump includes a list of alleged usernames, passwords and email addresses for a number of users. The usernames and passwords are all encrypted, while the email addresses are not.

If true, this would be the second time that Sony’s PSN has been hacked by Anonymous. The first time saw the service go down around the world for more than a month as Sony worked to get everything back up.

Kotaku points out that the PasteBin list is similar to one from a few months back. The dump contained credentials for people working at Universal Music Group. Add to that the fact that the suspected hacker gets the number of PSN accounts wrong, and you have a troll trying to get a rile out of people.

For now, it looks like this is all just a ruse to get a reaction out of PSN gamers. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to change your password, but it looks fake for now.

UPDATE: Shane Bettenhausen at Sony just told Kotaku that Anonymous’ claim is “totally fake.” You can go back to playing your games now.


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